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Tatweer Misr is proud to embrace an efficient and innovative customer care philosophy that takes a personal approach to its clients' journey with the brand. Our goal is to take care of all necessary details, so you feel cared for at all times, while enjoying a hassle free buying process from A to Z; from the moment you decide to own a property with us, all through facilitating the selection process that best fits your needs, keeping you informed with construction updates to the final delivery of your home. Consequently, our facility management team are always on call, working around the clock to follow up with clients after settling in to ensure every detail at your new home exceeds expectations.

If you are here to update any of your data please fill the below form, if you are here to update your/your family’s access card data please select the second form "TATWEER MISR HOMEOWNER CARD".

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Change or Waiving Ownership
  • First Degree: (husband, wife, father, mother, children) a direct waiver is made in the presence of all parties.
  • Resale of a Unit that its Total Amount is Partially Paid and its Checks are Submitted: a request form shall be submitted, then an appointment will be set in the presence of all parties to sign the waiving contracts according to the waiving rules, the new owner shall submit new checks with the remaining amount, also the resale fees shall be charged.
  • Add/Remove Names in the Contract: A request to add/remove names from the contract is filled, an amendment contract is made and admin fees are charged.
Change the Unit
Sales Dep should be contacted to choose the new unit and the new payment plan for the new unit according to the rules and regulations of the company. Then the case is redirected to the Client Relations Dep. to sign the transfer request.
Cancellation Procedures
A signed cancellation form should be submitted to the Client Relations Dep. to approve the cancellation in accordance with the terms and rules of the reservation application or contract. The financial department of the company gives a statement on the amount collected. Then the Client Relations Dep. updates the requestor.
Change the Payment Schedule
After signing the contract, a request for the payment reschedule is finalized with the Client Relations Dep. After obtaining the needed approvals, a contract amendment is prepared.
Bank Transfers
Installments can be settled through bank transfers with the unit number, project and the owner’s name stated clearly. The Client Relations Dep will confirm collecting the transferred amount.
The contract shall be received within three months from the signature date from the branch of the sales employee. Otherwise, the client should fill a request to receive the contract from another branch.
In the case of an early payment, discount rates are applied to in-advance payments, at least one month early, rates vary in accordance to the prevailing discount rates at the time of payment.