Are you bold enough to envision the future? Do you have what it takes to come up with innovative solutions that can shape a better tomorrow for generations to come? If you think you do, The Tatweer Misr Innovation Competition is calling on you.

Who are we looking for?
Creative and confident individuals who believe that innovation can inspire change.
When does the competition take place & who is eligible to join?

The competition takes place every year and is targeted at empowering Egypt’s innovative youth - university students, fresh graduates and young entrepreneurial minds.

What are the stages of the winners selection process ?
  1. Applicants get to apply and submit their creative ideas.
  2. A panel of experts from different fields review all entry submissions in what is known as the filtration process.
  3. Selected applicants get to attend professional workshops that guide them on how to present their ideas in the best light.
  4. A final pitch ceremony takes place where top applicants get to pitch their ideas to Tatweer Misr’s board and professional jury members.
  5. Winners will receive a grand prize in the field of education, as well as seeing their innovative idea transform into an inspiring reality if applicable.
What is the criteria by which ideas are evaluated?
  • Caters the real estate industry.
  • New and innovative idea.
  • Sustainability of the idea.
  • Ability to localize the idea.

The Winners


Startups & Ideas will be selected based on the following criteria:
Caters to the Real Estate Industry

The following fields are welcome – alongside any other great idea beyond these fields

  • Construction Technologies
  • Waste Management & Environmental Solutions
  • Digital Solutions and Technology
  • Creative Industries & Technologies
  • Transportation & Infrastructure Solutions
  • Water Management Solutions
  • Smart and Green Architecture Technology
  • Healthcare & Lifestyle Solutions
  • Differently-Abled Solutions
  • Lifestyle & Community Management Technology


Tatweer Misr Innovation Competition “Startups Track” is the ideal platform for you to expose your startup to a real market challenge.
Business competitions are a great way to test an idea and grow your network to scale up your startup and gain many benefits from interacting with a pool of successful business consultants through one to one mentorships. Here at the Tatweer Misr Innovation Competition, we guide you from vision to venture —We support our local entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs with both financial and non-financial methods until they can achieve their startup vision.
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Ideation Stage

It is widely acknowledged that innovation and entrepreneurship are the driving forces of economic growth and social development in today's modern society.
The Tatweer Misr Innovation Competition “Ideation Track” is an experience designed to stretch your limits and challenge what you can make possible. The competition takes place every year and is targeting to empowering Egypt’s innovative youth - university students, fresh graduates and young entrepreneurial minds. Along the way you'll work with business specialists who will help bring your idea to life.
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Tatweer Misr’s constant efforts are directed into creating a community that shapes the urban space identity and sense of place. To accomplish such goals, ‘various tangible and intangible attributes related to various interactions’ should be implemented within the urban spaces of Tatweer Misr’s projects in order to ‘affect the person’s experience’.

The ‘structural relationship between a sensory environment and activity within that environment can aid in experiencing the place/community/city in a more sensory experience, that in turn creates a more “happy community/city”. This “happy community/city” will not only ease the community’s life but will also allow Tatweer Misr to exceed their community’s expectations towards their urban spaces.
Several other studies conducted on millennials have shown that a percentage of these millennials would rather lose one of their five senses than give up their phones/laptops. This strong connection between people and their gadgets portrays the huge impact of technology on humanity. Given, if people compare their phones/laptops to their five senses, technology could then be treated as one of the human being’s new additional senses; and if this is the case, another layer of means of interactions between the community and their surroundings is created using technology.

Please provide us with various design attributes that uses the senses of the human being (seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, tasting and technology) to shape more identifiable urban spaces within Tatweer Misr’s projects; that will subsequently be implemented into the developments and create a “happy community/city”.

Please make sure your design characteristics show:

  • How will this affect the user’s experience within their urban space using one or more of the five senses?
  • How feasible it is to implement within Tatweer Misr’s developments?
  • How can some, if not all, of these attributes use technology to enhance the interactions of the community with their surroundings?
  • How can it be customized to the Egyptian society?
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Prizes will be three-dimensional; Monetary prizes that will reach up to 250,000 LE, access to the venture capitalist global ecosystem - Vive Capital, and the presence of a full year mentorship by GEN Egypt - Global Entrepreneurship Network in Egypt.

250,000 LE 1st Place Winner Startup & 100,000 LE 1st Place Ideation Stage Winner

Vive Capital Global Ecosystem that will support in seed funding, technology development & legal and business development services

1 year mentorship from GEN Egypt - The Global Entrepreneurship Network in Egypt

Competition timeline


Receive Applications

Deadline for Applications

Semi Finals

Pitching & Training



Interviews & Shortlisting

Mentorship from GEN Egypt


Receive Applications

Applications Deadline

Interviews & Shortlistin

Pitching Training

Semi Finals



Mentorship from
GEN Egypt



After three years of success for the Tatweer Misr Innovation Competition, we are excited to announce round 4. we have been launching our competition for 4 consecutive year to look for bright minds that can provide us with unique and innovative solutions for our challenges. Tatweer Misr has set 2 tracks for submission this year, Existing Startups & Ideation Stage. Check out the details below.


Innovative individuals who can come up with creative solutions.
Top applicants will get a chance to attend trainings and then pitch their ideas to Tatweer Misr and a panel of experts & investors for grand prizes. This year, you can apply as an EXISTING STARTUP or an IDEA AT EARLY STAGES.