Are you bold enough to envision the future? Do you have what it takes to come up with innovative solutions that can shape a better tomorrow for generations to come? If you think you do, The Tatweer Misr Innovation Competition is calling on you.

Who is eligible to join the Innovation Competition?
  • We welcome all creative and confident individuals who believe that innovation can inspire change.
  • The competition has two tracks:
    • Ideation track: Individuals or teams with an idea that complements the competition’s theme. 
    • Startups track: Startups with a prototype/MVP that has not been released to the market or startups with an operating and existing product/service that aligns with the competition’s theme.

 *Make sure you apply in the correct category to ensure your qualification.   

Can I apply on my own or do I need to have team members?

We welcome both individual founders and teams as applicants. 

What are the criteria by which ideas are evaluated?
  • Caters to the real estate industry as a whole. 
  • Complements at least one of the competition’s categories.
  • New and innovative solutions.
  • Ability and feasibility to localize and launch the idea.  
When will the competition take place?

Accepted applicants will be notified by the end of April. Workshops, pitches, and final event will begin in mid-April and end in mid-July 2022. 

What are the stages of the competition?
  • Phase 1: Applicants submit their innovative solutions and ideas for the first round of filtration that lasts until end of April. Successful applicants will be notified and selected to be moving forward to the next phase of the competition.

  • Phase 2: Selected applicants attend a series of workshops to further develop their solutions and entrepreneurial skills. Phase 2 ends with another round of pitching and filtration.

  • Phase 3: Successful pitches will move on to a second round of workshops that will be presented as a bootcamp. Successful applicants will receive one-on-one coaching to transform their solutions into concrete business opportunities.

  • A final pitch event day/demo day takes place where top applicants get to pitch their ideas to Tatweer Misr and other professional jury members for the results.

  • 4 winners will be announced at the end of the event and will receive a total grand prize up to EGP 450,000, and mentoring sessions to help guide them towards launching their businesses.   

How many winners will be selected and what is the award?
  • 4 winners will be selected in total: 2 idea stage winners and 2 startup stage winners.

  • The reward for idea stage winners will be funding up to EGP 60,000 as well as mentoring sessions.

  • The reward for startup stage winners will be funding up to EGP 250,000 and a 3-month mentoring period with experts in multiple disciplines to support their business’ launch and operations. 

The Winners

This Year’s Challenge

After a successful innovation competition last year, Tatweer Misr is proudly announcing the launch of this year’s 5th round! This year, we’re happy to accept applicants that are innovators and entrepreneurs, individuals or teams, with innovative solutions that are adaptive, resilient, and transformative to the Real Estate sector. For this year’s theme, we’re looking for SUSTAINABLE solutions tackling issues with built environment, SMART solutions that have a positive impact on resident’s livability and solutions affecting wellness and recreation, leading to a community that can exist being truly HAPPY. It is recommended that these solutions take into account the themes outlines and the rising need for digital products and processes, socially beneficial practices, changing behaviors in spending patterns, and an overall increase in health-consciousness of consumers.

Sustainable solutions covering built environment address the associated challenges and opportunities regarding our surrounding environment and its infrastructure. This includes solutions that upgrade or innovate with the buildings we live in, the distribution of systems that supply us with water, electricity, and construction materials and processes. We’re looking for technologically driven solutions to increase efficiency and overall performance of these systems.

Smart solutions covering liveability tackle the conditions of a decent livelihood for all residents of cities and communities, including their physical and mental well-being, considering the newly emerging trends and needs of consumers. Such solutions include education, mobility, financial and social platforms, and business models that allow for diverse revenue streams through conscious service offerings that would have a net positive effect on our consumers and community.

 Finally, innovative recreation and wellness solutions that contribute to a happy community and that utilize new technological trends and systems to address issues such as entertainment, well-being, mindfulness and open spaces through infrastructure and architectural innovations, among many other verticals.

If you are up to the challenge, apply before the 21st of April to one of our two tracks below: Ideation Track or Startups Track.     

Ideation Stage


Do you have an innovative idea that will drive economic growth and social development in modern society? If the answer is yes, then Tatweer Misr’s “Ideation Tarck” is the perfect opportunity for you.

The Tatweer Misr’s Innovation Competition “Ideation Track” is designed to stretch your limits and challenge what you can make possible. The annual competition aims to empower Egypt’s innovative youth- university students, fresh graduates, and young entrepreneurial minds. During the course of coaching to further develop your solution; and a chance to win up to EGP 60,000.  

Apply Here



Tatweer Misr Innovation Competition “Startups Track” is the ideal program for you to stress-test your startup and expose it to real world challenges and market conditions.

Business competitions are a great way to test your business model, grow your network and scale your startup. At the Tatweer Misr Innovation Competition, we guide you from vision to venture —we provide our local entrepreneurs, and startups with both financial and non-financial support until their vision can materialize. 

Throughout the course of the competition, you will receive the opportunity to attend workshops delivered by business experts, pitch your business idea to a panel of esteemed professionals and receive one-one coaching to further develop your solution. The winning startup will be required to develop an action plan and will receive three months of mentorship to support them in the process. They will also be awarded a prize up to EGP 250,000.   

Apply Here

Tatweer Misr’s constant efforts are directed into creating a community that shapes the urban space identity and sense of place. To accomplish such goals, ‘various tangible and intangible attributes related to various interactions’ should be implemented within the urban spaces of Tatweer Misr’s projects in order to ‘affect the person’s experience’.

The ‘structural relationship between a sensory environment and activity within that environment can aid in experiencing the place/community/city in a more sensory experience, that in turn creates a more “happy community/city”. This “happy community/city” will not only ease the community’s life but will also allow Tatweer Misr to exceed their community’s expectations towards their urban spaces.
Several other studies conducted on millennials have shown that a percentage of these millennials would rather lose one of their five senses than give up their phones/laptops. This strong connection between people and their gadgets portrays the huge impact of technology on humanity. Given, if people compare their phones/laptops to their five senses, technology could then be treated as one of the human being’s new additional senses; and if this is the case, another layer of means of interactions between the community and their surroundings is created using technology.

Please provide us with various design attributes that uses the senses of the human being (seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, tasting and technology) to shape more identifiable urban spaces within Tatweer Misr’s projects; that will subsequently be implemented into the developments and create a “happy community/city”.

Please make sure your design characteristics show:

  • How will this affect the user’s experience within their urban space using one or more of the five senses?
  • How feasible it is to implement within Tatweer Misr’s developments?
  • How can some, if not all, of these attributes use technology to enhance the interactions of the community with their surroundings?
  • How can it be customized to the Egyptian society?
Apply now


Top applicants will get a chance to attend capacity building rounds, and pitch their ideas to Tatweer Misr and a panel of experts & investors for grand prizes.

Startups Track Prize

  • 1st place will receive 250,000 EGP
  • 2nd place will receive 100,000 EGP

Ideation Track Prize

  • 1st place will receive 60,000 EGP
  • 2nd place will receive 40,000 EGP


One-on-one mentorship on action planning from Innovety

Competition timeline



After five years of success for the Tatweer Misr Innovation Competition, we are excited to announce round 5. We have been launching our competition for 4 consecutive years to look for bright minds that can provide us with unique and innovative solutions for our challenges. Tatweer Misr has set 2 tracks for submission this year, Existing Startups & Ideation Stage Entrepreneurs. More details, and links to the challenge application can be found above.

Latest Announcement

We're elated to announce the kick-off of our 5th Tatweer Misr Innovation Competition! Apply now for a chance to take part in one of Egypt's most esteemed innovation challenges with grand prizes up to EGP 250,000.


Creative individuals who can come up with innovative solutions that are agile, resilient and forward-looking in the face of current challenges. This year, you can apply as an EXISTING STARTUP or an IDEA AT EARLY STAGES. Applicants are invited to develop out-of-the-box solutions that address one of the following competition categories: "Sustainable solutions covering built environment, Smart solutions covering liveability, innovative recreation and wellness solutions"