Tatweer Misr launches the first Art Symposium in its flagship project in Egypt "Il Monte Galala-Sokhna"

Tatweer Misr, the Egyptian real estate developer, announced the launch of its first art symposiums in IL Monte Galala-Sokhna, its flagship project in the Egyptian market. This symposium is one of a series of consecutive symposiums that will be held twice a year over the coming 5 years, each with a different unique theme and medium for artists to work with. This symposium’s theme is “Reflective Pop of Color” aiming to create harmony between the unprecedented nature of the surroundings and the stunning artwork of prominent artists promoting IL Monte Galala – Sokhna as the new art tourism destination.

A selected number of renowned Egyptian and Italian artists will be participating in the symposium creating painting, sculpture, large earth-based, and architectural installations, among other artwork types. Starting May 2016, the selected artists will work for 30 days to finalize their art pieces on the symposium grounds.

Focusing on offering international standards of quality, Tatweer Misr has chosen Mona Hussein Design House (MHDH) as their consultant for this art project in collaboration with 5+1AA, Gallery Misr and the Italian company FARE to prepare and host the Art Symposium at IL Monte Galala. All those companies are teaming together to set the design and artistic concept of the Art Symposium at IL Monte Galala contributing in making the project the local and international destination of choice offering unparalleled activities and lifestyle options through different types of artworks including painting, photography, performance art, experiments with light and sound, sculpture, creation of large earth-based installations ("earthworks"), architectural installations, and scientific inventions, in addition to related activities including artistic workshops, exhibitions, and seminars.

Speaking of the launch of the Art Symposium, Dr. Ahmad Shalaby, the Managing Director and Member of the Board at Tatweer Misr, said: “IL Monte Galala is among the most prestigious projects in Sokhna, and art is a key component of our identity. As such, through the Art Symposium, we aim to create the highest level of interaction between art, local environment and architectural designs providing a comprehensive fully integrated community experience, which incorporates architecture and artworks into the breathtaking surroundings in this spectacular area. With consecutive sessions of the Art Symposium, IL Monte Galala will be put on the international map for art tourism and create recognition for both Egyptian and foreign artists globally.”

"The Art Symposium aims to create a unique experience of an extraordinary concept of a recreational and cultural city teeming with different aspects, while increasing the sense of belonging to the local community. IL Monte Galala will be, in the near future, one of the largest open art museums in the area.” added Shalaby.

Commenting on the symposium, Technical Director and Partner of 5+1AA, the famous architect Gianluca Peluffo, said “Tatweer Misr has stressed from day one that art is a main part of IL Monte Galala community. The art symposium is a step ahead to providing cultural context to the project, it creates a sense of the place and enriches the lives of its residents and the community. We are so proud to be part of IL Monte Galala – Sokhna series of Art Symposiums”.

“MHDH has created over 20 Land Art themes to be used as guidelines, inspirations and subjects for consecutive symposiums. We have also designed storerooms for artists’ tools, as well as “the Art Quarters”, an open air creative station dedicated to artists. Emphasizing that art is a focal theme for IL Monte Galala, the natural materials and glass used in artworks harmonizes with the surrounding environment in this area” added the famous Egyptian designer Mona Hussein.

"The Art Symposium is a moment of education and artistic production during which the artists involved have the opportunity to work and live together by interacting with a specific theme in a specific place” says Beatrice Oleari, Director of FARE, “Through their artworks, they tell their perception of the place in a personal and original view and they return it to the community, the local audience and the international tourists. They become unique ambassadors of Il Monte Galala” Added Oleari.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Mohamed Talaat, Founder of Gallery Misr said “IL Monte Galala Art Symposium is planned to act as the catalyst to upgrade the aesthetic values and stimulate ambitions sought to create innovated and rebelling ideas to have a better understanding of the philosophy of Art investment”.

The EGP 8 billion mega development IL Monte Galala-Sokhna was launched in the last quarter of 2015, designed to be energy-efficient and environment-friendly, reflecting the meticulous planning and creative vision that are hallmarks of any Tatweer Misr development.