Tatweer Misr signs a protocol with Ahl - Masr Foundation to cooperate in its Safe Village Project

Reflecting its uninterrupted commitment to the development of the Egyptian community, Tatweer Misr, the Egyptian real estate developer, announced recently that it has signed a protocol with Ahl-Masr Foundation, to cooperate in the development of Salem Khidr Village in Beni Seuif Governorate. The project falls under the “Safe Village” initiative, which has been adopted by Ahl-Masr Foundation in 2015.

This protocol comprises the development of infrastructure at Salem Khidr, an underprivileged village in Beni Seuif Governorate with no basic utilities and services. The development process includes the installation of potable water pipe system, wastewater system, reconstructing safe rooftops, in addition to other necessary utilities and fixtures. Furthermore, both Tatweer Misr and Ahl-Masr will provide Salem Khidr village with fire extinguishers and first-aid awareness, as a way to promote the key objectives of Safe Village initiative.

“At Tatweer Misr, we see development as a comprehensive and integrated process, which encompasses people and place alike” said Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, the Managing Director and Board Member of Tatweer Misr. “Transforming this vision into a concrete reality, particularly in underserved and deprived areas that need infrastructure and basic services, we decided to initiate this protocol in cooperation with Ahl-Masr Foundation. The protocol aims to develop Salim Khidr Village, one of Beni Seuif less fortunate areas. The cooperation with eminent NGOs demonstrates our future trend to serve local communities in Egypt, starting with the Safe Village Project” added Shalaby.

In October 2015, Ahl Masr began implementing its Egypt Burn-Free Initiative (Safe Village) at Ahmed Allam village in Beni Seuif. The village had witnessed a massive fire with no resources of means to put it out.

“It’s needless to stress the fact that many governorates in Upper Egypt have been suffering from unaddressed economic, social and developmental issues for decades” said Heba El Sweedy, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Ahl-Masr Foundation. “Through our Safe Village Project, Ahl-Masr strives to provide the minimal level of services and safety, including infrastructure, to underprivileged villages in Beni Seuif Governorate The purpose of this initiative is to empower inhabitants against fire and burn accidents that may lead to a massive human disaster. The support of corporates and NGOs is a key to ensure the continuity of this project and other initiatives, that is why I see our cooperation with Tatweer Misr as a significant milestone to support our people in Upper Egypt”

Following the success in Ahmed Allam Village, the project has moved to Salem Khidr, a severely impoverished village with 700 inhabitants and about 80 households. 50% of the houses has no safe roofs, and 2% has no access to potable water supply. The project also raises social awareness regarding the wrong behaviours and habits that has been noticed in the area and may lead to fire accidents and burn injuries.

“Our cooperation with Ahl-Masr and similar NGOs that help develop the Egyptian community is just the beginning of a series of initiatives and social projects to develop a number of local communities in the country. We have ambitious plans to develop underserved local communities, beyond our core business to create new urban communities in resorts and residential cities. In Tatweer Masr, we perceive corporate social responsibility as an integral part of our strategy in the Egyptian market” added Dr. Shalaby.